what we do

rsg is a full-service qualitative and quantitative market research firm. We use a range of traditional methodologies, as well as more innovative approaches. We work in many sectors with particular expertise in packaged goods, pharmaceutical/health care, and gaming. We are constantly innovating, always pursuing predictive techniques and models to help you make decisions based on what is going to happen, not what has already taken place.


Clients and agencies often develop advertising territories as part of the development of a creative campaign. Often these territories contain multiple ideas for images, graphics, messages, taglines, and headlines. Whether they are tested in qualitative or traditional quantitative, invariably the question comes up...


Our approach to optimization and forecasting is based on discrete choice modeling — a powerful quantitative research technique that uses realistic tasks to stimulate the consumer decision-making process.


Combining pricing research with best practices in pricing strategy and management, we can help clients to unlock the potential of pricing to drive revenue growth and profits.


Do you always choose the brands you use based on what you think about a brand on some rational level? Or, do you always choose based on your emotions – how you feel about a brand or your bond/connection to a brand?


When was the last time you loved your segments? Stick with us and that will change.


Traditional market research asks a respondent what he or she would do. rsgPredict, our proprietary prediction market platform, turns that approach on its head by asking respondents to predict what the market will do.


Good design has become a key competitive differentiator - it drives exceptional returns, while containing development costs. And, critical to 'good design', is the practice of having and keeping the end users in mind throughout the process.


It’s been said that if you want to know what someone is thinking or feeling, the worst thing you can do is ask them. The true key to understanding behaviour lies in the unconscious.


rsgIncubate is rsg’s proprietary online community platform — a Facebook-like forum that provides you direct access to consumers and their ideas. Without exaggeration, it will change the way you understand your consumer.