When was the last time you loved your segments? Stick with us and that will change. At rsg, we have developed a choice-based Bayesian segmentation protocol that is both tactical and strategic — it addresses immediate, short-term business needs but also provides a strong future orientation to help you identify new market opportunities, prioritize new products and services, and precisely target segment-specific communications.

At rsg, we’ve developed a choice-based Bayesian segmentation protocol that’s both tactical and strategic

We begin with qualitative research, informed by psychoanalytics, to provide a thorough understanding of the deep, unconscious needs of your audience. We mine customer opinions, hidden feelings and experiences, imprinted norms and cultural values — even the collective unconscious — then incorporate what we learn into a sophisticated quantitative model. You and your team remain actively engaged throughout. The result? Three-dimensional segments that come to life — and research that has led to revolutionized thinking for our client teams.
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