The key to understanding behaviour lies in the unconscious. rsgPsychoanalytics methods get to the heart of consumers’ beliefs and values — understanding this makes their actions highly predictable. It’s true: you can’t ask someone to articulate thoughts and feelings they are unaware of. But with psychoanalytics we can observe the way consumers express their feelings, emotions, hopes and fears through words and pictures. In the process we can accurately identify motivations that consumers themselves don’t even recognize they have.

It’s been said that if you want to know what someone is thinking or feeling, the worst thing you can do is ask them.

Only a small fraction of consumer behaviour is overt — that is, it occurs consciously and the consumer is aware of it — yet this is where traditional market research techniques tend to focus. rsg mines the hidden world of unconscious and unstated needs to guide your marketing efforts, helping you target deeper needs at the levels that most motivate and satisfy consumers.
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