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When you work with us, you’ll benefit from the fact that our team has a mix of experience and perspectives -- over half of our consultants are in their 20s and 30s. How? We find that the more diverse the team, the richer and more valuable the outcome you’ll see from your project. When everyone has something different to contribute, you win. Our people are researchers with a commitment to solving our clients’ problems. But we’re also consumers, just like the ones we study, which means our insights are grounded in the practical and pragmatic.
Thelma Beam
Vanessa Campbell
Associate Vice-President, design research
brian cash
vice president
Anne Coulter
Managing Director
allan dykstra
vice president, sales, market intelligence
Pam Harrison
Executive Vice-President, U.S. Operations
rita huang
director, innovation and research
Melanie Kaplan
Executive Vice-President and humanist
Amy Knowles
Senior Vice-President
Le Le Mac
Director of Cultural Insights and Research
sarah parnes
Jim Peterson
Managing Director
tanya ploen
director of social insight and research
michelle stephenson
director of strategic insight
michael tutton
technology consultant
chris wiggins
strategic partners
Tim Renken
Renken Consulting
Tony Rudmik
T.Rudmik & Associates
Adam Rudmik
T.Rudmik and Associates
Deanne Rodrigue
Chief Customer Strategist of Read Between the Lines
brian wanless
rsg Management Consulting, pricing
Vector Media
independent Canadian media agency